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Randwick LIDAR Project in Google Earth 
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Section through the Upper Crossdyke at the point Indicated by the yellow line.
This shows the existing profile of the bank and ditch.
The green arrows indicate the position and direction of site photographs. Click to see.
Bird in Hand
Randwick LIDAR
Digital Terrain Model scan of Randwick Wood Resolution 1m x 1m x 0.2m Buildings and vegitation have been digitally removed. This height colour coded and directionally shaded overlay reveals many geographic and historic features. This is part of the larger Cranham LIDAR Survey  which was carried out by PTS Ltd in Jauary 2008. http://www.precisionterrain.com/
Randwick Upper cross Dyke - DSCF2509.JPG
Randwick Upper cross Dyke - DSCF2512.JPG
Randwick Upper cross Dyke - DSCF2505.JPG
Randwick Upper cross Dyke - DSCF2506.JPG
Randwick Upper cross Dyke - DSCF2514.JPG
Whiteshill Disused Road - DSCF2515.JPG
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